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FS#15412 — Device upgrade on GRA

Attached to Project— Network
We're going to proceed with a software upgrade on every top of rack devices impacted by a software bug, located in GRA.
The maximum expected impact is a 10 min traffic disruption.
Maintenance window starts at 21h00 UTC on 18th September and ends at 04h00 UTC on the 19th of September.

Affected rack:
Rack: G114A19 Switch: gra1-sdtor101b-n3
Rack: G135B07 Switch: gra1-sdtor107a-n3
Rack: G135B07 Switch: gra1-sdtor107b-n3
Rack: G135B10 Switch: gra1-sdtor108a-n3
Rack: G135B10 Switch: gra1-sdtor108b-n3
Rack: G135B06 Switch: gra1-sdtor109a-n3
Rack: G135B06 Switch: gra1-sdtor109b-n3
Rack: G128A14 Switch: gra1-sdtor10a-n3
Rack: Baie de spare Switch: gra1-sdtor10b-n3
Rack: G135B11 Switch: gra1-sdtor110a-n3
Rack: G135B11 Switch: gra1-sdtor110b-n3
Rack: G135B09 Switch: gra1-sdtor113a-n3
Rack: G135B09 Switch: gra1-sdtor113b-n3
Rack: G135B15 Switch: gra1-sdtor114a-n3
Rack: G135B15 Switch: gra1-sdtor114b-n3
Rack: G135B12 Switch: gra1-sdtor115a-n3
Rack: G135B12 Switch: gra1-sdtor115b-n3
Rack: G135B17 Switch: gra1-sdtor117a-n3
Rack: G135B17 Switch: gra1-sdtor117b-n3
Rack: G135B18 Switch: gra1-sdtor118a-n3
Rack: G135B18 Switch: gra1-sdtor118b-n3
Rack: G135B19 Switch: gra1-sdtor119a-n3
Rack: G135B19 Switch: gra1-sdtor119b-n3
Rack: G135B14 Switch: gra1-sdtor120a-n3
Rack: G135B14 Switch: gra1-sdtor120b-n3
Rack: G115A12 Switch: gra1-sdtor123a-n3
Rack: G135B13 Switch: gra1-sdtor130a-n3
Rack: G135B13 Switch: gra1-sdtor130b-n3
Rack: G137B16 Switch: gra1-sdtor136a-n3
Rack: G137B16 Switch: gra1-sdtor136b-n3
Rack: G128A21 Switch: gra1-sdtor13a-n3
Rack: G128A21 Switch: gra1-sdtor13b-n3
Rack: G114B23 Switch: gra1-sdtor140b-n3
Rack: G103B11 Switch: gra1-sdtor141a-n3
Rack: G103B08 Switch: gra1-sdtor146b-n3
Rack: G106B14 Switch: gra1-sdtor150b-n3
Rack: G106B06 Switch: gra1-sdtor151a-n3
Rack: G106B09 Switch: gra1-sdtor151b-n3
Rack: G115A07 Switch: gra1-sdtor179b-n3
Rack: G105A15 Switch: gra1-sdtor182a-n3
Rack: G105A19 Switch: gra1-sdtor183b-n3
Rack: G105A02 Switch: gra1-sdtor185a-n3
Rack: G127B10 Switch: gra1-sdtor188a-n3
Rack: G127B10 Switch: gra1-sdtor188b-n3
Rack: G104B06 Switch: gra1-sdtor194b-n3
Rack: G104B09 Switch: gra1-sdtor200b-n3
Rack: G105A07 Switch: gra1-sdtor202a-n3
Rack: G105B07 Switch: gra1-sdtor203a-n3
Rack: G106B03 Switch: gra1-sdtor211b-n3
Rack: G115A24 Switch: gra1-sdtor213a-n3
Rack: G105B19 Switch: gra1-sdtor217b-n3
Rack: G101A13 Switch: gra1-sdtor220b-n3
Rack: G107B12 Switch: gra1-sdtor225a-n3
Rack: G107B16 Switch: gra1-sdtor225b-n3
Rack: G113B23 Switch: gra1-sdtor227b-n3
Rack: G107B09 Switch: gra1-sdtor232b-n3
Rack: G107B02 Switch: gra1-sdtor233b-n3
Rack: G121A15 Switch: gra1-sdtor235a-n3
Rack: G121A19 Switch: gra1-sdtor239a-n3
Rack: G116B17 Switch: gra1-sdtor241a-n3
Rack: G116A18 Switch: gra1-sdtor243b-n3
Rack: G116A20 Switch: gra1-sdtor244a-n3
Rack: G118A21 Switch: gra1-sdtor246b-n3
Rack: G107B03 Switch: gra1-sdtor247b-n3
Rack: G105B11 Switch: gra1-sdtor251a-n3
Rack: G105B12 Switch: gra1-sdtor251b-n3
Rack: G116A05 Switch: gra1-sdtor252a-n3
Rack: G105B13 Switch: gra1-sdtor253b-n3
Rack: G115A15 Switch: gra1-sdtor256a-n3
Rack: G115B12 Switch: gra1-sdtor256b-n3
Rack: G101B18 Switch: gra1-sdtor259a-n3
Rack: G101B19 Switch: gra1-sdtor259b-n3
Rack: G128B07 Switch: gra1-sdtor25a-n3
Rack: G128B07 Switch: gra1-sdtor25b-n3
Rack: G101B17 Switch: gra1-sdtor260a-n3
Rack: G101B16 Switch: gra1-sdtor260b-n3
Rack: G128B18 Switch: gra1-sdtor35a-n3
Rack: G128B18 Switch: gra1-sdtor35b-n3
Rack: G128B19 Switch: gra1-sdtor36a-n3
Rack: G128B19 Switch: gra1-sdtor36b-n3
Rack: G127B03 Switch: gra1-sdtor39a-n3
Rack: G126A01 Switch: gra1-sdtor39b-n3
Rack: G137A13 Switch: gra1-sdtor40a-n3
Rack: G137A13 Switch: gra1-sdtor40b-n3
Rack: G137A14 Switch: gra1-sdtor41a-n3
Rack: G137A14 Switch: gra1-sdtor41b-n3
Rack: G137A15 Switch: gra1-sdtor42a-n3
Rack: G137A15 Switch: gra1-sdtor42b-n3
Rack: G137A03 Switch: gra1-sdtor48a-n3
Rack: G137A03 Switch: gra1-sdtor48b-n3
Rack: G135A05 Switch: gra1-sdtor59a-n3
Rack: G135A05 Switch: gra1-sdtor59b-n3
Rack: G135A08 Switch: gra1-sdtor62a-n3
Rack: G135A08 Switch: gra1-sdtor62b-n3
Rack: G135A09 Switch: gra1-sdtor64a-n3
Rack: G135A09 Switch: gra1-sdtor64b-n3
Rack: G135A12 Switch: gra1-sdtor68a-n3
Rack: G135A12 Switch: gra1-sdtor68b-n3
Rack: G135A14 Switch: gra1-sdtor70a-n3
Rack: G135A14 Switch: gra1-sdtor70b-n3
Rack: G135B02 Switch: gra1-sdtor74a-n3
Rack: G135B02 Switch: gra1-sdtor74b-n3
Rack: G135B04 Switch: gra1-sdtor75a-n3
Rack: G135B04 Switch: gra1-sdtor75b-n3
Rack: G135B05 Switch: gra1-sdtor77a-n3
Rack: G135B05 Switch: gra1-sdtor77b-n3
Rack: G113A08 Switch: gra1-sdtor84a-n3
Rack: G113A24 Switch: gra1-sdtor87b-n3
Rack: G113A22 Switch: gra1-sdtor88b-n3
Rack: G113A20 Switch: gra1-sdtor90a-n3
Rack: G114A09 Switch: gra1-sdtor92b-n3
Rack: G114B19 Switch: gra1-sdtor98a-n3
Rack: G114B04 Switch: gra1-sdtor99b-n3
Rack: G215A06 Switch: gra2-sdtor100a-n3
Rack: G215A06 Switch: gra2-sdtor100b-n3
Rack: G215A07 Switch: gra2-sdtor101a-n3
Rack: G215A07 Switch: gra2-sdtor101b-n3
Rack: G215A02 Switch: gra2-sdtor102a-n3
Rack: G215A02 Switch: gra2-sdtor102b-n3
Rack: G215A11 Switch: gra2-sdtor106a-n3
Rack: G215A11 Switch: gra2-sdtor106b-n3
Rack: G215A12 Switch: gra2-sdtor107a-n3
Rack: G215A12 Switch: gra2-sdtor107b-n3
Rack: G215A13 Switch: gra2-sdtor108a-n3
Rack: G215A13 Switch: gra2-sdtor108b-n3
Rack: G211A14 Switch: gra2-sdtor10a-n3
Rack: G211A14 Switch: gra2-sdtor10b-n3
Rack: G215A15 Switch: gra2-sdtor112a-n3
Rack: G215A15 Switch: gra2-sdtor112b-n3
Rack: G215A16 Switch: gra2-sdtor114a-n3
Rack: G215A16 Switch: gra2-sdtor114b-n3
Rack: G215A21 Switch: gra2-sdtor119a-n3
Rack: G215A21 Switch: gra2-sdtor119b-n3
Rack: G215B02 Switch: gra2-sdtor122a-n3
Rack: G215B02 Switch: gra2-sdtor122b-n3
Rack: G215B04 Switch: gra2-sdtor124a-n3
Rack: G215B04 Switch: gra2-sdtor124b-n3
Rack: G215B05 Switch: gra2-sdtor125a-n3
Rack: G215B05 Switch: gra2-sdtor125b-n3
Rack: G215B07 Switch: gra2-sdtor127a-n3
Rack: G215B07 Switch: gra2-sdtor127b-n3
Rack: G215B08 Switch: gra2-sdtor128a-n3
Rack: G215B08 Switch: gra2-sdtor128b-n3
Rack: G201A22 Switch: gra2-sdtor133a-n3
Rack: G201A22 Switch: gra2-sdtor133b-n3
Rack: G215B15 Switch: gra2-sdtor136a-n3
Rack: G215B15 Switch: gra2-sdtor136b-n3
Rack: G215B17 Switch: gra2-sdtor142a-n3
Rack: G215B17 Switch: gra2-sdtor142b-n3
Rack: G215B18 Switch: gra2-sdtor143a-n3
Rack: G215B18 Switch: gra2-sdtor143b-n3
Rack: G208A18 Switch: gra2-sdtor154a-n3
Rack: G208A18 Switch: gra2-sdtor154b-n3
Rack: G208A17 Switch: gra2-sdtor164a-n3
Rack: G208A17 Switch: gra2-sdtor164b-n3
Rack: G208A07 Switch: gra2-sdtor165a-n3
Rack: G208A07 Switch: gra2-sdtor165b-n3
Rack: G208B02 Switch: gra2-sdtor172a-n3
Rack: G208B02 Switch: gra2-sdtor172b-n3
Rack: G208B03 Switch: gra2-sdtor173a-n3
Rack: G208B03 Switch: gra2-sdtor173b-n3
Rack: G208B04 Switch: gra2-sdtor174a-n3
Rack: G208B04 Switch: gra2-sdtor174b-n3
Rack: G208B05 Switch: gra2-sdtor175a-n3
Rack: G208B05 Switch: gra2-sdtor175b-n3
Rack: G208B08 Switch: gra2-sdtor178a-n3
Rack: G208B08 Switch: gra2-sdtor178b-n3
Rack: G211A13 Switch: gra2-sdtor17a-n3
Rack: G211A13 Switch: gra2-sdtor17b-n3
Rack: G208B12 Switch: gra2-sdtor181a-n3
Rack: G208B12 Switch: gra2-sdtor181b-n3
Rack: G208B11 Switch: gra2-sdtor182a-n3
Rack: G208B11 Switch: gra2-sdtor182b-n3
Rack: G208B14 Switch: gra2-sdtor184a-n3
Rack: G208B14 Switch: gra2-sdtor184b-n3
Rack: G208B16 Switch: gra2-sdtor186a-n3
Rack: G208B16 Switch: gra2-sdtor186b-n3
Rack: G208B18 Switch: gra2-sdtor188a-n3
Rack: G208B18 Switch: gra2-sdtor188b-n3
Rack: G211A19 Switch: gra2-sdtor18a-n3
Rack: G211A19 Switch: gra2-sdtor18b-n3
Rack: G208B20 Switch: gra2-sdtor190a-n3
Rack: G208B20 Switch: gra2-sdtor190b-n3
Rack: G208A19 Switch: gra2-sdtor193a-n3
Rack: G208A19 Switch: gra2-sdtor193b-n3
Rack: G211A08 Switch: gra2-sdtor1a-n3
Rack: G211A08 Switch: gra2-sdtor1b-n3
Rack: G209A08 Switch: gra2-sdtor202a-n3
Rack: G209A08 Switch: gra2-sdtor202b-n3
Rack: G209A10 Switch: gra2-sdtor205a-n3
Rack: G209A10 Switch: gra2-sdtor205b-n3
Rack: G209B02 Switch: gra2-sdtor208a-n3
Rack: G209B02 Switch: gra2-sdtor208b-n3
Rack: G211A21 Switch: gra2-sdtor20a-n3
Rack: G211A21 Switch: gra2-sdtor20b-n3
Rack: G209A14 Switch: gra2-sdtor211a-n3
Rack: G209A14 Switch: gra2-sdtor211b-n3
Rack: G209B03 Switch: gra2-sdtor215a-n3
Rack: G209B03 Switch: gra2-sdtor215b-n3
Rack: G201A03 Switch: gra2-sdtor23a-n3
Rack: G201A03 Switch: gra2-sdtor23b-n3
Rack: G201A09 Switch: gra2-sdtor24a-n3
Rack: G201A09 Switch: gra2-sdtor24b-n3
Rack: G209B18 Switch: gra2-sdtor252a-n3
Rack: G209B18 Switch: gra2-sdtor252b-n3
Rack: G220B01 Switch: gra2-sdtor254a-n3
Rack: G220B01 Switch: gra2-sdtor254b-n3
Rack: G220B02 Switch: gra2-sdtor255a-n3
Rack: G220B02 Switch: gra2-sdtor255b-n3
Rack: G201A04 Switch: gra2-sdtor26a-n3
Rack: G201A04 Switch: gra2-sdtor26b-n3
Rack: G211A15 Switch: gra2-sdtor2a-n3
Rack: G211A15 Switch: gra2-sdtor2b-n3
Rack: G211A20 Switch: gra2-sdtor3a-n3
Rack: G211A20 Switch: gra2-sdtor3b-n3
Rack: G201A17 Switch: gra2-sdtor48a-n3
Rack: G201A17 Switch: gra2-sdtor48b-n3
Rack: G201A18 Switch: gra2-sdtor49a-n3
Rack: G201A18 Switch: gra2-sdtor49b-n3
Rack: G201A19 Switch: gra2-sdtor50a-n3
Rack: G201A19 Switch: gra2-sdtor50b-n3
Rack: G201A21 Switch: gra2-sdtor51a-n3
Rack: G201A21 Switch: gra2-sdtor51b-n3
Rack: G204A07 Switch: gra2-sdtor56a-n3
Rack: G204A07 Switch: gra2-sdtor56b-n3
Rack: G204A02 Switch: gra2-sdtor57a-n3
Rack: G204A02 Switch: gra2-sdtor57b-n3
Rack: G204A03 Switch: gra2-sdtor58a-n3
Rack: G204A03 Switch: gra2-sdtor58b-n3
Rack: G204A13 Switch: gra2-sdtor60a-n3
Rack: G204A13 Switch: gra2-sdtor60b-n3
Rack: G204A04 Switch: gra2-sdtor61a-n3
Rack: G204A04 Switch: gra2-sdtor61b-n3
Rack: G204A12 Switch: gra2-sdtor63a-n3
Rack: G204A12 Switch: gra2-sdtor63b-n3
Rack: G204B05 Switch: gra2-sdtor72a-n3
Rack: G204B05 Switch: gra2-sdtor72b-n3
Rack: G204B13 Switch: gra2-sdtor73a-n3
Rack: G204B13 Switch: gra2-sdtor73b-n3
Rack: G204B07 Switch: gra2-sdtor74a-n3
Rack: G204B07 Switch: gra2-sdtor74b-n3
Rack: G204B08 Switch: gra2-sdtor75a-n3
Rack: G204B08 Switch: gra2-sdtor75b-n3
Rack: G204B10 Switch: gra2-sdtor77a-n3
Rack: G204B10 Switch: gra2-sdtor77b-n3
Rack: G211A10 Switch: gra2-sdtor7a-n3
Rack: G211A10 Switch: gra2-sdtor7b-n3
Rack: G204B09 Switch: gra2-sdtor82a-n3
Rack: G204B09 Switch: gra2-sdtor82b-n3
Rack: G212A02 Switch: gra2-sdtor87a-n3
Rack: G204B20 Switch: gra2-sdtor89a-n3
Rack: G204B20 Switch: gra2-sdtor89b-n3
Rack: G211A11 Switch: gra2-sdtor8a-n3
Rack: G211A11 Switch: gra2-sdtor8b-n3
Rack: G204B17 Switch: gra2-sdtor92a-n3
Rack: G204B17 Switch: gra2-sdtor92b-n3
Rack: G204A20 Switch: gra2-sdtor93a-n3
Rack: G204A20 Switch: gra2-sdtor93b-n3
Rack: G215A09 Switch: gra2-sdtor95a-n3
Rack: G215A09 Switch: gra2-sdtor95b-n3
Rack: G215A05 Switch: gra2-sdtor99a-n3
Rack: G215A05 Switch: gra2-sdtor99b-n3
Rack: G211A12 Switch: gra2-sdtor9a-n3
Rack: G211A12 Switch: gra2-sdtor9b-n3
Date:  Wednesday, 19 September 2018, 21:36PM
Reason for closing:  Done
Comment by OVH - Tuesday, 18 September 2018, 23:02PM

We will start the maintenance on the follow switch:

Comment by OVH - Tuesday, 18 September 2018, 23:47PM

Switches are completed, we will continue with:

Comment by OVH - Wednesday, 19 September 2018, 00:28AM

gra1-sdtor241a-n3 doesn't reboot anymore. We prepare a replacement for this switch.

Comment by OVH - Wednesday, 19 September 2018, 00:35AM

All switch other than gra1-sdtor241a-n3 has been updated, we will continue with:

Comment by OVH - Wednesday, 19 September 2018, 01:13AM

switches has been updated, we will continue with:

Comment by OVH - Wednesday, 19 September 2018, 01:45AM


Are now fully updated.